La Communion Stream Complet

La Communion Stream Complet, Stream Complet VF Gratuitement #FR, la communion [voir gratuit film,, DVDrip 4K 1080p]

La Communion Stream Complet, Stream Complet VF Gratuitement #FR

Solemn Communion
Titre original: La communion solennelle ( Film )

Solemn Communion
Solemn Communion    04 June 1977


TMDb: 4.7/10 3 votes

In this complex chronicle of the evolution of a provincial family's life, the story follows three generations of at least two neighboring families from the 1890s to the 1970s. In one of many related tales, a man who was engaged to the older daughter of a farmer elopes with the younger one. After many years and the birth of five children, the man leaves his wife and family for the bright lights of the city but continues turning up from time to time, until he is finally taken into the home of one of his sons when he is a quite old man. The complex interactions of the legitimate and illegitimate children of a womanizing miner give rise to yet another set of related stories.

Corpus Christi
Titre original: Boże Ciało ( Film )

Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi    10 September 2019


TMDb: 7.8/10 269 votes

A pious 20-year-old juvenile delinquent is sent to work at a sawmill in a small town; on arrival, he dresses up as a priest and accidentally takes over the local parish. The arrival of this young, charismatic preacher is an opportunity for the local community to begin the healing process after a tragedy that happened a year prior.

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